Welcome to Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation

Welcome to the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation web site, MHCowboyLife.com

The foundation was created to bring Cowboy Poetry and Western Music to the Medicine Hat area.

Our initial plan was to organize a Cowboy Poetry and Music event each year.

Our hope was to attract young people as in 4-H Clubs, to our unique art form using stories, poems and music to preserve and celebrate cowboy history and the cowboy way of life.

When Covid-19 hit, our live shows were suspended as was all hope of in-person connections with 4-H.

In the true “git-er-done” cowboy fashion we began developing other ideas.

Like having a virtual Cowboy Show. We are currently working on what that looks like. You might want to check out the Willow Creek Virtual Cowboy Gathering.

We also started a Cowboy Vernacular document to record vocabulary for country and cowboy life. That has morphed into a book that will be available on this site.

We developed a Cowboy Poetry Writing workshop that we will be offering online.

We’ve also started collecting local rural stories from seniors with the goal to create poems and songs from their stories. The seniors we’ve connected with love to share their stories and we are delighted to be building a library of local history on our web site.

How do you get involved with Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation?

We are actively seeking members who want to be part of this exciting adventure. Perhaps you are able to spare $20 for an annual membership.

All 2020 memberships include this handsome souvenir coaster.

2020 Membership Coaster

Perhaps you have some time to spare and would like to visit with seniors to collect their stories.

Or share your writing know-how at one of our workshops.

Or try your hand at writing poems from your experiences.

There are many ways you can be involved.

To get your 2020 souvenir coaster, connect with Carol Eisenbarth at MHCowboyLife@gmail.com

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