Cowboy poems start with a story. Seniors (in fact all of us) have a story to tell, many stories.

We collect stories about farming and ranching and rural life in general, the content of which we make into poems, as a way of honouring their story and preserving Medicine Hat’s local rural history.

One of the seniors residences video records seniors’ stories and sends them to us. Another residence arranges telephone conversations with Jen Zollner. Jen collects the stories and writes a poem or song about the story.

We love to see their expressions when they get a chance to hear their story in poetic form, in person or in video.

We create mini-documentaries, which are composed of the senior’s story, an introduction to the artist turning the story into a poem or song, and the performance of the poem or song based on the senior’s story.

If you or someone you know has a story about cowboy/country/rural living and would like to share it with us, please contact Jen Zollner.

The Underground Cowboy

Underground Cowboys

What are underground cowboys? What were they doing underground? What were their horses like? What snacks did their horses like? Learn more in this Bob Moffatt interview.

Country Stories

Stories From Seniors

Harry Forbes Remembers

I-Alice, Stories from Alice Kanewischer

Barn Stories

‘Round Medicine Hat

Ranch Histories

Brand Stories

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