Jen Zollner

Jen Zollner, President of MHCPF

I’m Jen, (my music name and the short form of Jeannette).

I live in SW Southridge in Medicine Hat. Rural life has been my grounding having grown up on a mixed farm west of Schuler and married to a farmer, rancher and amateur calf and team roper just across the Saskatchewan border. The land is still in the family and according to my grandson, it always will be.

I also have two granddaughters, three daughters, one son-in-law and a hubby, Jim.

My hobbies all seem to be about creating whether it be cooking, sewing, making music or writing poems. I lead a foursome band called The Bucket Band and am part of a sing-along group called Sing ‘n Strings, both of which entertain at senior homes where I play keyboard and ukelele. At cowboy gatherings in Alberta and in Montana, my voice and the guitar are my instruments.

Currently, I take minutes for the Westminster United Church Board. For years I’ve been a member of the local Live Music Club and of the Redcliff Harmony Hall.

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