Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation

The Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that was formed to preserve and celebrate cowboy life in the Medicine Hat area.

We are pleased to partner with the Medicine Hat Public Library to deliver programs in poetry writing, collecting seniors’ stories and converting them to poems and songs, connecting youth to cowboy history and presenting live and online Cowboy entertainment.

We are able to provide tax receipts for donations to our foundation. Contact to donate.

See how you can become a member of our Foundation.

Meet the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation board:

Back Left: Donna Moore, Jen Zollner, Cheryl Dust. Front left: Shelley Goldbeck, Carol Eisenbarth. Photo: Duster Video

Meet our President:

Jen Zollner, President of Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation

Jen Zollner spearheaded the formation of the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation. A retired teacher, (but not retired from life), Jen is a poet, musician, mother, grandmother and going concern. Learn more…

Carol Eisenbarth, Treasurer

Carol Eisenbarth is a local musician who graciously shares her financial skills as our foundation treasurer. Learn more…

Cheryl Dust, Secretary and Videographer

Cheryl Dust is our secretary. She also contributes as our in-house videographer and photographer. Learn more…

Donna Moore

Donna Moore is our newest member. Donna has experience with the Maple Creek Cowboy Gathering so we are especially happy to have her on our board. Somebody qualified! Learn more.

Shelley Goldbeck, Vice President, Webmaster and Marketing

Shelley Goldbeck, DTM is a Cowboy Poet and Musician who acts as webmaster and promotions leader for the Foundation. Learn more:

Ken Feser is a past member and one of our founding board members. He was intrigued with Cowboy Poetry when he first learned about us and was an enthusiastic supporter from Day One! Ken remains a valuable liaison with the Medicine Hat Public Library. Learn more…

Ken Feser
Our new Signature picture was taken by Cheryl Dust of Duster Video. Penella Zollner rides her horse, Cash through the coulee on her spread East of Medicine Hat. We feel this picture depicts one kind of modern cowboy: a woman wearing a helmet on a horse she’s training in the coulee.

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