The Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in the Province of Alberta.

We accept donations via e-transfer and cheque to provide programs for youths, seniors and cowboy performers and audiences.

We are most grateful for any donations.

For donations over $20 we provide a registered tax receipt.

How Do We Spend your Donations?

The Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation runs on a shoe-string budget. Most expenses are donated by board members. Here are some of our hard costs.

  • Website expenses: domain, web hosting, design fees. Our site was built and is maintained by our Vice-President, Shelley Goldbeck. She also lays out, edits and publishes our quarterly newsletter, Medicine Hat Cowboy Life. Shelley donates her time and skills.
  • Performer fees: from the outset we all agreed to pay our performers a reasonable fee. Musicians and poets are often expected to perform for little or nothing or “gas money” because they love what they do and they need the “exposure”. (People die of exposure!) We want to value our contributors. Our board members donate their performances. Remember the shoe-string?
  • Event fees: renting facilities, advertising our events, sound system, supplies, tables, sets, draw boxes, printing programs, etc.
  • Video costs: our Country, Seniors, and Barn Stories videos are our most valuable assets. We are preserving local Medicine Hat history and making it available to the world. Our videos are recorded by board member, Cheryl Dust of Duster Video. She and Shelley edit and produce the videos and post them to YouTube and our website. Cheryl and Shelley donate their services.
  • Travel expenses: As two of our board members live 300 km from Medicine Hat and photo shoots are in Medicine Hat, Maple Creek and Bindloss areas, fuel is burned. (We bunk in with the President who feeds us!) Our president has solicited the majority of our donations and all of our seniors connections, (which burns fuel). Our members have donated most of their travel expenses.
  • Administration: printing costs, (books, programs, correspondence) Zoom account (for monthly board meetings), stationery

To donate, connect with our treasurer at

Privacy Statement.

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