2022 December Newsletter, MH Cowboy Life is now available

Queen Elizabeth on Burmese

The Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a Prosperous New Year.

Our December 2022 MH Cowboy Life newsletter is now available for reading. It features stories about Queen Elizabeth II and her love of horses and dogs. From the Queen to rodeo queens: learn about the history of rodeo queens in Canada.

Newsletter: Medicine Hat Cowboy Life

SAVE THE DATE: The 2023 Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Show will be October 7, 2023.

March 2022 Newsletter from MHCowboyLife

The March 2022 issue of Medicine Hat Cowboy Life is now available for viewing.

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Learn about intelligent horses like the Beautiful Jim Key.

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Learn about Schuler in ‘Round Medicine Hat.

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MHCowboyLife.com is the official website of the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation. Our newsletter, Medicine Hat Cowboy Life is published four times per year.

Happy New Year from Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation

We at the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation hope you had a wonderful holiday season, staying warm with friends and family. We have been busy over the holidays, planning for 2021. Here is our latest news.

  1. See Story #8 in Harry Forbes Remembers series, Balky Horse Stories here
  2. See Story #4 in our I-Alice Series, Gutsy Chicken Pluckers here
  3. See the latest videos in our Country Stories Video series here
  4. If you missed our December newsletter you can see it here
  5. Our annual general meeting is January 20, 2022 via Zoom. Contact our president, Jen Zollner for more information here
  6. Learn how to support MHCP by joining our Foundation here
  7. In December we applied for a grant from the New Horizons Seniors Program for our proposed project Poems and Paws, about veterans and their service dogs. We will know in spring whether or not we were successful.
  8. The board adopted a new signature picture, (courtesy of Cheryl Dust of Duster Video) which we will gradually work into all our media.

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We wish our members and friends all the best in 2022. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas from Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation

Wishing you all the joys this season brings: family, friends, feasts, fun.

For unusual, informative, local viewing we suggest you view our website at MHCowboyLife.com. You will find:

  1. New videos in the Country Stories Series. See recently posted interviews with Jim Wilson, Frances Sanderson, and Henry Cavan’s great-grandsons. See also Vi Riegers’ Christmas memory, Amy Brusky’s To Ginger with Love, Meet Harry Forbes and The Lone Wolf of Bindloss with Harold Fieldberg. Learn about local historical events. Beats reruns of old Christmas movies!
  2. Read Runaway Horses: #7 in the Harry Forbes series. https://mhcowboylife.com/harry-forbes-remembers/
  3. Read Tale of a Special Brother, # 3 in the I-Alice series by Alice Kanewischer https://mhcowboylife.com/cowboy-stories/i-alice/
  4. Everything you wanted to know about the history of Redcliff in one convenient place: https://mhcowboylife.com/cowboy-stories/round-medicine-hat/
  5. Read the December 2021 issue of Medicine Hat Cowboy Life, our newsletter: https://mhcowboylife.com/newsletter-medicine-hat-cowboy-life/ Be sure to sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter automatically. https://mhcowboylife.com/contact/subscribe/
  6. Consider joining the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation. Only $20. Get your souvenir coaster. https://mhcowboylife.com/contact/membership-application.

The weatherman predicts a cold Christmas week. Stay in and stay warm, if you can; if you can’t stay in, stay safe. Hope to see you next year.

Happy Trails.

Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation Board:

Jen Zollner, President; Shelley Goldbeck, Vice President; Cheryl Dust, Secretary; Carol Eisenbarth, Treasurer and Donna Moore, Board Member.

Medicine Hat Cowboy Life September 2020 Newsletter

The Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation is pleased to release its first issue of their official newsletter, Medicine Hat Cowboy Life.

In its pages, you will see the announcement of our LIVE! 2020 Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Show on September 27, 2020.

Riding on the success of the 2019 Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Show, Singer-Songwriter-Bandleader, Get-It-Done-Chief, Jen Zollner was inspired to form the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation.

Since its inception as a registered society, Jen and her team have worked on many fronts to meet the mandate of the Foundation: To preserve, promote and perform Cowboy Poetry and Western Music in Medicine Hat and Area.

Our show during Medicine Hat Public Library Culture Days later this month (September 2020) is one vehicle for realizing the Foundation’s goals. We are pleased to feature Doris Daley, cowboy poetry royalty!

Another is our newsletter, Medicine Hat Cowboy Life. In its pages you will learn more about the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation, Medicine Hat history, Cowboy Lingo, the Medicine Hat Horse breed, poetry and tidbits about Cowboy Life.

We welcome your feedback and contributions.