Newsletter: Medicine Hat Cowboy Life

Medicine Hat Cowboy Life is the official newsletter of the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation. It is published four times per year.

MH Cowboy Life December 2022

Our December 2022 issue is all about Queen Elizabeth, horsewoman and dog lover, and Rodeo queens. See below Stampede Queen and Princess list since 1956.

MH Cowboy Life September 2022

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Pit Ponies, horses of all sizes used for labour in coal mines.

MH Cowboy Life June 2022

The June 2022 issue of MHCowboy Life is all about the mail.

MH Cowboy Life March 2022

MH Cowboy Life December 2021

MH Cowboy Life September 2021

MH Cowboy Life June 2021

Here is the latest edition of Medicine Hat Cowboy Life.

MH Cowboy Life March 2021

Answer to March Barn Wordsearch

MH Cowboy Life December 2020

MH Cowboy Life September 2020

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