April 2021 Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Updates

No Fooling!

Here is the latest news from the Medicine Hat Cowboy Poetry Foundation.

Our first Stories from Seniors book, featuring biographies and poems based on the stories of local seniors is now available. To order your copy, contact Jen Zollner by email: jzollner10@gmail.com or by phone 403-529-6384. Own this important piece of local history for only $15.

Special thanks to our print sponsor, Hale Hearing of Medicine Hat.

The Medicine Hat News did a story on our Stories from Seniors project, where they interviewed our President, Jen Zollner. See the article on our events page or go to the Medicine Hat News link.

Our April 2021 Stories from Seniors video is about George Rissling and his dairy farm. Ayrshire Canada graciously supplied the Ayrshire image used in the video and the book.

To see this story and all previous stories: https://mhcowboylife.com/cowboy-stories/stories-from-seniors/

Did you miss the March Newsletter? Go to https://mhcowboylife.com/newsletter-medicine-hat-cowboy-life/ to see all previous newsletters.

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